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04/2018 185mB 714 [Download] Trklst [DL]
11/2016 188mB 2493 [Download] Trklst [DL]
11/2016 169mB 593 [Download] Trklst [DL]
01/2015 740mB 1529 [Download] Trklst [DL]
03/2017 0mB 273 [Download] Trklst [DL]
03/2012 128mB 4395 [Download] Trklst [DL]
04/2014 104mB 1352 [Download] Trklst [DL]
01/2010 189mB 319 [Download] Trklst [DL]
08/2010 49mB 839 [Download] Trklst [DL]
10/2004 150mB 3312 [Download] Trklst [DL]
05/2011 222mB 1324 [Download] Trklst [DL]
02/2011 93mB 306 [Download] Trklst [DL]
05/2004 94mB 5129 [Download] Trklst [DL]
01/2012 28mB 196 [Download] Trklst [DL]
01/2011 54mB 192 [Download] Trklst [DL]
01/2o11 189mB 200 [Download] Trklst [DL]
06/2003 92mB 188 [Download] Trklst [DL]
02/2003 75mB 318 [Download] Trklst [DL]
04/2003 95mB 1084 [Download] Trklst [DL]
12/2004 95mB 2172 [Download] Trklst [DL]
03/2003 38mB 1007 [Download] Trklst [DL]
02/2001 87mB 185 [Download] Trklst [DL]
08/2001 91mB 187 [Download] Trklst [DL]
09/2002 90mB 178 [Download] Trklst [DL]
07/2013 29.6mB 183 [Download] Trklst [DL]
02/2014 74.8mB 191 [Download] Trklst [DL]
09/2003 92mB 1077 [Download] Trklst [DL]
11/2003 95mB 1029 [Download] Trklst [DL]
11/2004 83mB 1073 [Download] Trklst [DL]
02/2010 64mB 193 [Download] Trklst [DL]
01/2003 94mB 978 [Download] Trklst [DL]
11/2002 92.4mB 2215 [Download] Trklst [DL]
05/2009 86.5mB 171 [Download] Trklst [DL]
05/2002 90mB 2231 [Download] Trklst [DL]
02/2003 84.4mB 133 [Download] Trklst [DL]
01/2002 28mB 126 [Download] Trklst [DL]
12/2001 80.1mB 127 [Download] Trklst [DL]
09/2011 92.8mB 1063 [Download] Trklst [DL]
09/2011 93.1mB 1471 [Download] Trklst [DL]
10/2001 93.0mB 2211 [Download] Trklst [DL]
06/2003 78.1mB 1608 [Download] Trklst [DL]
09/1998 67.4mB 240 [Download] Trklst [DL]
02/1999 70mB 248 [Download] Trklst [DL]
04/2001 87mB 236 [Download] Trklst [DL]
01/1999 87.3mB 1328 [Download] Trklst [DL]
05/2001 85.6mB 251 [Download] Trklst [DL]
07/2001 90.1mB 1397 [Download] Trklst [DL]
09/2001 99.0mB 1119 [Download] Trklst [DL]
11/2001 75.1mB 1418 [Download] Trklst [DL]
02/2002 93.7mB 1395 [Download] Trklst [DL]
10/2002 91.3mB 111 [Download] Trklst [DL]
01/2002 95mB 1902 [Download] Trklst [DL]
04/2001 95mB 116 [Download] Trklst [DL]
11/2001 93.5mB 115 [Download] Trklst [DL]
08/2001 92mB 128 [Download] Trklst [DL]
07/2012 266mB 242 [Download] Trklst [DL]
09/2016 144mB 132 [Download] Trklst [DL]

:: *current* Tranceattic Site News ::

  o4.15.2o18 -
Sorry for the down time, alot has happened the past year.
We lost out beloved webmaster, dj vap0r
The Site is under construction until further notice
email bugs you find or sugggestions to [email protected]

o6.19.2o17 -
Again, sorry for the display issue with various browsers,
t was some code i needed to tweak to get to display properly.
The site should load now 2x faster and is almost
HTML5 complaint.

o6.o7.2o17 -
Thanks for the patience while the site was down.  I might
need to find new hosting.  There was an issue with
the backend database. Please be patient if this happens, as
tranceattic.com has been around forever and will
continue to be.

o2.o8.2o17  -
Thanks again for your continued support (and dontations)
A New mix is on the way  :: Give me a week at the most

:: Archived Tranceattic News ::

--tRANCEATTiC aRCHIVEd nEWS --------------

  11.o8.2o16 - 
Mix release [remix] of Obsession (320k)

  11.o7.2o16 - 
Some of the sites functionality is still
under construction. for instance you may
notice that the star rating column does
not highlight or have any useful function.
I will post and update everyone when I have
finished coding the jquery * rating stuff.

 1o.31.2o16 - 
Site back up version 2 yo. keep checking back!!
spread the love yo! tell you peoplz about TA

:: DJ Substance Bio ::


[BIO] DJ Substance [9x] - Many years ago, a self proclaimed computer
'hax0r' named substance (on EFNet/#9x) bought his first EDM vinyl,
but not before squiring the CD by Paul Oakenfold entitled 'Tranceport'.
This CD changed his view of the world, and his perception of music,
and his purpose in life at that very instant. This was approx. 1998,
and he was hooked . At that point he was not sure what avenue he wanted
to take with this new found love, however he started downloading all
the EDM mp3's and purchasing all the quality vinyl releases possible.

   At that point he started his first mix of his own,
entitled "Opression mix v1". This was the beginning of a beautiful
thing.  It took about 20 Opression mixes to get to the point of what he 
would consider 'release worthy'.

:: DJ Substance Hardware/Software used ::

                    a mix of various computer apps
                    Sony Vegas.
                    Sound Forge,
                    Virtual DJ Pro,
                    Ableton Pro,
                    Cakewalk Sonar,
                    mix of various hardware synths and drum machines
                    (see hardware list)

dj subz continues to release high quality mixes into the future, and
there is no stopping him.
Now mixing and making original beats for almost 20 years,
he has released over 50 mixes for one thing. the underground music 

If you love Tranceattic and appreciate what DJ Substance
has been doing for the scene for all these years,
please donate, ANY amount for the cost of hosting/domain
Even 5$ will continue to keep dj subz able to keep releasing
dope mixes into the future..  Tranceattic has always been
and always be *ad free*, lets keep this that way!

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