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Date Size DLs Name Tracklist Mirror Rating
Jan-19 142mB 315 Transcend Tracklist [Mirror]
Dec-18 188mB 339 The Next Level Tracklist [Mirror]
Apr-18 185mB 1039 Vapor Tracklist [Mirror]
Nov-16 188mB 2983 Cold Fusion Tracklist [Mirror]
Nov-16 169mB 1845 Obsession remix Tracklist [Mirror]
Jan-15 740mB 1732 Obsession- AVI Tracklist [Mirror]
Mar-12 128mB 4876 Serendipity Tracklist [Mirror]
Apr-14 104mB 1812 Mystical Movements Tracklist [Mirror]
Aug-10 49mB 1030 Lost My World Tracklist [Mirror]
Oct-04 150mB 3523 Deep Freeze Tracklist [Mirror]
May-11 222mB 1510 Subconscious Mind Tracklist [Mirror]
May-04 95mB 5320 Another Way of Life Tracklist [Mirror]
Jan-12 28mB 2372 Collusion Tracklist [Mirror]
Jan-11 54mB 2364 NY Sublime Tracklist [Mirror]
Jan-11 189mB 2385 Sequential Moment Tracklist [Mirror]
Jun-03 92mB 2587 Carrier Waves Tracklist [Mirror]
Feb-03 75mB 2913 4th Plateau Tracklist [Mirror]
Dec-04 95mB 2294 Millennium Crash Tracklist [Mirror]
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:: Tracklist(s) for substance's latest 2 mixes ::

Transend [2019]:

o1: [30sec intro] Ryan Farish - Stars Collide (Thomas Datt Remix)
o2: 4 Strings - Sunset Aftermath (Original Mix)
o3: Ryan Farish - Stars Collide (Thomas Datt Remix) [ continuation ]
o4: Sam Laxton feat. Noire Lee  -  Thunderstorm (Extended Mix)
o5: Aeris - Now and Then (Original Mix)
o6: Alex Di Stefano - My Shadow (Original Mix)
o7: Mark Sixma ft Emma Hewitt - Missing (Jorn van Deynhoven Ext. Remix)
o8: First State ft. Kyler England - Everywhere (Extended mix)
o9: Melodic Culture ft Magdalen Silvestra - Light Is Life (Original Mix)
1o: James Holden - Nothing (93 Returning Mix) HD
11: DT8 Project - Hold me till the end (12" Club mix)`
12: LTN - Wind and Cloud (Extended Mix)
13: Sasha/Krister Linder - Cut Me Down (Kastis Torrau/Donatello ft. Arnas D. Remix)
14: Andain - Summer Calling (Josh Gabriel Mix)
15: Ronski Speed ft Emma Hewitt - Lasting Light (Sladon Dubstep Remix)

The Next Level [2019]
1) Ferry Corsten ft. Betsie Larkin - Not Coming Down (Original Mix)
2) Ewan Rill and Ivan Lu - Using the change (Omauha Remix)
3) Armin van Buuren vs. Arty - Nehalennia (Original Mix)
4) Sunlounger ft Zara Taylor - Try To Be Love (Roger Shah Naughty Love Mix)
5) Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - Going Home (Club Mix)
6) Ferry Tayle - Geometrix (Album Mix) [Feat. Driftmoon]
7) John '00' Fleming - Clouds Of Karma (Original Mix)
8) g-mark - Connected (Physical phase remix)
9) hoyaa - polaris (Original mix)
10) Bart Claessen - Picking Up The Pieces (Edit Mix)
11) Invalyd - Never Coming Down (Rafael Frost Edit)
12) Arman bas and Melodic Culture - de profundis (Sixth Sense)

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